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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Keuka College?


Anonymous, Student, Keuka College, Class of 2016

The first reason someone should attend Keuka College is the Field Periods. Field Period is a 140 hour internship that is required for each student, each year they attend Keuka. This internship really helps students once they graduate and are out looking for jobs. The second reason a person should attend Keuka College is the sense of community. From day one, everyone is welcomed with open arms. There is always someone to talk to when you need a ear that will listen. The third reason someone should attend Keuka is it's location. Being on the Keuka Finger Lake, we have a great view of the lake and quick access to the other Finger Lakes in the area.

Anonymous, Student, Keuka College, Class of 2016

1.) Great education. 2.) Great networking opportunities (i.e. Field Periods, career fair, and work study jobs). 3.) Gain new experiences and make life long friends.

Anonymous, Student, Keuka College, Class of 2015

1) Without doubt the largest support system I have at Keuka is my ASAP community. After my mother’s passing this past year, managing work, my personal life, and a new school load has proven more than difficult. I have found an immeasurable amount of encouragement and inspiration of my instructors, the writing center, my peers, and the administration.

2) By providing learners with flexible and manageable programs in a variety of settings, Keuka has provided a much-needed opportunity to aspiring graduates across New York State. I admire that the ASAP program meets learners where they are at without expecting them to uproot their out-of-school obligations. As a BSW student, I am proud to be apart of a program that not only preaches the values of the social work profession but also holds its self to the same standards.

3)The ASAP program is a convenient way for nearly anyone to return to school with goals of obtaining a bachelors degree. Classes meet only one night a week at an accelerated pace. Keuka makes it possible for working adults with a family to balance work, school, and family obligations.

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