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Describe the type of student who should attend Broward College. Why?



The type of student who should attend Broward College is one who is looking towards getting into a program such a Dental Assisting, EMT/Paramedics, Nursing, etc. One who is driven to become something greater in this world to help others and put their medical needs first.

Anonymous, Student, Broward College, Class of 2018

Broward College is for the humble beginnings, the first step into a 1000 foot journey . Why attend you say? Well . . . It's a school for community, where students can collaborate with their own skills and make a difference in their ethnos.

Anonymous, Student, Broward College, Class of 2017

The student that wants to get an affordable education, while having the ability to be involved in school activities or maintain a job or internship. Broward College is known for having accelerated programs to get certifications for getting into a job, and have numerous campuses across South Florida that make commuting easier on students. The guidance department helps keep students focused on their future goals, and the school provides all the tools the students need to be successful. As long as the student is willing to work hard, all the programs have excellent professors that will challenge the students.

Anonymous, Student, Broward College, Class of 2015

The type of student who should attend Broward College is one who shows great interest in learning. The student should want to use the education they learn there to continue their education after graduating from Broward College. Students at Broward College should be devoted to helping their community achieve better things.

Anonymous, Student, Broward College, Class of 2017

Broward College is open to all students of all ages, races, religions. A wide variety of students attend BC. They have top notch teachers that care about the success of their students and want to osee them succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Broward College, Class of 2016

Broward College should have students who should attend there for a variety of reasons. Some so that they can move forward, and be able to obtain their dream job, others to sustain their dream job, and others to make a contribution to their community. However, all of these areas interrelate. Many people since they were little have or has once imagined what job they would like to work on as an adult. Broward College provides the opportunity to have a dream become a reality. Students who are visionaries should attend to Broward College. These students have a goal, and will be persistent to achieve it, with joy. Moreover, people want what is best for their families, and therefore will want to give their famiy the life they deserve. These are also the type of students that should attend Broward College, because these people know and understand that when it comes to protecting and ensuring their family, education is a vital role that will make this happen more at ease. Last but not least, we as citizens should always aim to give back to our community, and by going to a school such as Broward College, these types of people will more than likely have an impact in society. Heroes are not always so evident as to have a cape fall down their backs. A lot of the time, those people who make the best out of their careers and help others are the biggest heroes of all. These people come in many different forms, such as doctors, nurses, crosswalkers, teachers, police offcers, artist, engineers, janitors and much more. Even though some of these do not necessarily require a college degree, these are still people that we need in our society because they make our society a better place. However, most of these do need a college degree, and these type of people are the ones who should go to Broward College. Overall, the stype of student who should go to Broward college is a visionary student. is a committed student. is a persistent student. is a student who has the hunger to learn because he or she not only wants best for his or herself and family, but also want to give back to the community.

Anonymous, Student, Broward College, Class of 2019

The type of student that should attend Broward College is a student that is wants to further their education, is dedicated to making a better life for themselves, and is hardworking. I say this because Broward College is good starting point for all types of students, be it young, old, or a returning student, Broward College helps them all get started with their careers.

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