What is a typical Hudson High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Hudson High School.


Anonymous, Student, Hudson High School, Class of 2016

Anyone is welcomed at Hudson High School. We have a diverse community of students. We have an amazing drama program that has been ranked first in our area. So if anyone has an interest in theater, this is the place to be. We also have this thing we called the Red Sea, it is a huge crowd of people wearing the color red to support the athletic teams. Hudson HIgh School is for those who have a huge school spirit and have an interest in theater. But there's more, Hudson High School is for those who have a musical interest or talent, those who are interested in dancing, cheerleading, competitive academic clubs. We believe in individuality. We also proudly support the LGBTQ community.We believe in free expression of self. And you know what, it's fine if you do not have a clue yet of your identity or whatever. At Hudson High, you can become whoever and whatever you want.

Anonymous, Student, Hudson High School, Class of 2016

A typical Hudson High school student is one who is of low standard of living, but has high potential to succeed within the school grounds. If there is a child who is in desperate need of school, wants to learn, and is able or willing to succeed, they should attend Hudson High school.

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