Which 3 extracurricular activities at Auburndale Senior High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, AHS STUDENT 2016

Most popular is an arguable question because it's widely based on opinion and all of our clubs have huge numbers. I would recommend SGA and NHS because their reach extends out into the community. SGA does multiple events throughout the year with a local retirement homes, they are heavily involved with Relay for Life and they also plan our homecoming week festivities! National Honors Society helps our school in building a more positive atmosphere and extends their reach into the community as well by being involved in Relay for Life Events and even working to feed the less fortunate of Polk county through Project Care Outreach. I would not, however, recommend interact. They claim a global reach but have not involved themselves in any community events other than Bloodhound Bash. If you have no interest in community service and are just looking for fun I'd recommend Musical Theater or HDTV or maybe even ROTC! Whatever floats your boat!

Anonymous, Student, Auburndale Senior High School, Class of 2016

At Auburndale Senior High School Student Government Association (SGA) is an extremely popular extracurricular activity; It's the association that plans most of the schools social events such as Prom and Homecoming. Also, Interact is a fairly popular extracurricular activity at our High School. Interact is sponsored by the Rotary Club, an international community service organization that helps solve problems in the world with students who are dedicated to help. National Honor Society (NHS) is quite popular at our school. NHS is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. I would recommend students to choose Interact because it gives you a chance to actually impact the world with your work; other programs such as SGA and NHS doesn't extend help to people outside the community.

Anonymous, Student, Auburndale Senior High School, Class of 2016

The three most popular extracurricular activities are football, HDTV, and musical theater. I would recommend band, musical theater, and HDTV.

Anonymous, Student, Auburndale Senior High School, Class of 2016

At Auburndale Senior High School, the three most popular extracurricular activities consist of Student Government Association, the National Honors Society, and musical theater. As a student of Auburndale High, i would recommend any student to get involved in student government because it creates the opportunity for more community service hours and the chance to earn friendships among fellow students.

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