What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Jamestown Community College?


Anonymous, Student, Jamestown Community College, Class of 2018

Students at Jamestown Community College have fun in many different ways. There are tons of things to do at this college. At this college there are many different clubs and sports that can provide the students with fun. Some sports are the swim team, basketball, baseball and the cheer/dance team. Many students also walk around campus, hang out with friends at the student union, and hang out in the dorms. The sports and clubs at JCC provide students with time to interact with other students. The teachers along with the other students provide the community along with the whole college with fun activities throughout the year.

Anonymous, Student, Jamestown Community College, Class of 2016

JCC is a fun college, there is many of activities available. One is on every Wednesday, during noon to one CAB has activities planned out all involve a performer. From speed painters to poets to musicians, we have it all. It's a wonderful and fun time for all. Another fun activity is going to the mall. The mall is a fun spot for kids to relax and get some food like Five guys (which just opened !!) . The last but not least fun activity is just hanging in the union. The union is where everyone just relaxes between classes. I have met so many friends in the union, which made loads of fun activities.

Anonymous, Student, Jamestown Community College, Class of 2016

In my particular social circle, we see movies, play video games, and debate logical/ethical questions.

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