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What was your experience at Bard College?


Anis Zaman, Bard Alum 2013

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Life at Bard is very independent and laid back. Your have the option of making your college career as rigorous as you want or you can choose the easy way, which is take easy classes and just finish college. What I mean is that, you can have several publications, if your are enthusiastic and hard working, before you graduate. There is always more than enough resources on campus to meet your requirements, it's just that you have to have the drive to flourish and succeed.

Having said that, not everyone is driven, there are resources for people who want to be driven, motivated. If you have the willingness, you can thrive at Bard.

Kyle Jaster, Bard Alum '05

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I'm of two minds about Bard:

On one hand I was given incredible leeway to explore multidisciplinary studies (I did an independent study of speaker cabinet design which supported my senior thesis on Wave Field Synthesis and quite nearly triple majored in computer science, music and art.

On the other hand I felt that the freedom that students were given often resulted in lackluster work and a lack of academic rigor. My understanding is that this has changed of late, but I do think that people who excel at Bard do so generally under their own steam.

Professors are engaged and willing to support you, but with a few exceptions, don't seem to be interested in pushing you to do more than you think you are capable of.

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