Asked about: Pine View School

What is a typical Pine View School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Pine View School.


Anonymous, Student, Pine View School, Class of 2016

Pine View students are some of the most driven and determined young minds out there. As gifted students, everyone works hard and goes above and beyond in academics as we acknowledge the importance of a good education. Taking as many advanced placement classes as we can bear- along with participating in volunteer service and clubs, students excel in the challenging environment Pine View provides for us. Student who seeks a different type of education may be suited for Pine View. Creativity is key at our school. Aside our gifted status, teachers and students cooporate to achieve the best teaching methods for students along with unique approaches within certain courses. Any student who needs to work at a higher pace and level of education should attend Pine View as it is simply one of a kind. Our school provides a variety of resources to help us achieve greatness as well as surrounding us among peers of the same level steadfastness as we all try and reach similar goals.

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