Which 3 extracurricular activities at Detroit Country Day School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Detroit Country Day School, Class of 2016

Sports are the most popular extracurricular activity because it is a requirement that every student participates in at least one per year in order to graduate. The second most popular extracurricular activity would be clubs, such as the pre-med club, French club, or the creative writing club. The third most popular extracurricular activity is community service within the school such as being a tour guide for an open house. I recommend all of these extracurriculars because they are all rewarding, but my personal favorite is the clubs because they allow me to express myself in school (I'm in the creative writing club).

Anonymous, Student, Detroit Country Day School, Class of 2016

Out of the numerous extracurricular activities Detroit Country Day has to offer, the most popular would be Newspaper Club, Yearbook Club, and the lacrosse program. However, I would recommend extracurriculars that are limited in size, but offer many opportunities. The Art Service Club has given me not only a way to express myself, while boosting school morale, but has also given me many leadership opportunities. I would recommend this club to anyone, including those who do not consider themselves artistic. Our language clubs offer a different perspective on not only the language itself, but the culture beyond. The French Club, for example, focuses on French art, French food and the French lifestyle. However, I would encourage absolutely everyone to join the Oasis Club at DCDS. Oasis offers a safe place for anyone reflecting around LGBTQ. It is a large support system, and promotes acceptance from all people of all different orientations. As difficult as the world we've grow up in today, OASIS promotes acceptance and awareness towards LGBTQ.

Anonymous, Student, Detroit Country Day School, Class of 2019

At Detroit Country Day, the most popular extracurricular activities are volleyball, soccer, and the yearbook club. I personally recommend the soccer teams and the yearbook or memories clubs.

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