Describe the type of student who should attend Georgia State University. Why?



A student who looking for a diverse student body and overall unique. There are so many diverse things and programs around campus for anyone to experience.


A student that is a go-getter, has a DIY kind of attitude, and he or she absolutely has to love city life!


Georgia state university is a wonderful college with many opportunities, a student who attends this university needs to be focused and be prepared to study but also be ready to enjoy the college life and have many fun lasting memories.


Georgia State is known for it's diversity. I think a student who is open to meeting all types of people and experiencing different cultures should attend. I believe this because college is a time to experience new things, at many universities students can be thrust into social groups they may not even want to be in. Georgia State is able to differentiate itself by staying away from this stereotype.

Anonymous, Student, Georgia State University, Class of 2016

Georgia State University is in the heart of downtown Atlanta, and is in walking distance of many downtown attractions, parks, and restaurants. The University has several access points to The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA, the principal rapid-transit system in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Georgia State University, is the school that prides itself on diversity. The school also offers a wide variety of courses, and varied majors. Many of the core, prerequisite classes hold up to 100-150 students, yet there is one on one classroom time and the opportunity for each student reach his/her academic potential.

Many of the professors are very nice and extremely helpful. The University has a very active system of promoting volunteering opportunities and internships programs. The alumni support the school's foundation through presentations, donations, and great advice-giving.

I love Georgia State University, and I am sure that you will love it too!

Anonymous, Student, Georgia State University, Class of 2019

Georgia State University is not a normal college. It's a diverse community in the beautiful Atlanta. There are people from different backgrounds all coming together through their mutual want for an education. Students of all ages come from all over the world, studying many different things. It's that diversity that I find most enriching about Georgia State University.

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