What is a typical Summit Preparatory Charter High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Summit Preparatory Charter High School.


Anonymous, Student, Summit Preparatory Charter High School, Class of 2017

Summit Prep is a school that is based hugely around community. Our small grade sizes, mentor groups, and bonding time all attribute to this culture. But, you just don't know everyone; you are family and connected to one another. You know not of one another's presence, but of one another's story, likes and dislikes, what makes them the person that they are today. Friend groups aren't prevalent at Summit; anybody can check in with anybody. In fact, the best moments are having those who you may not talk to on a daily basis ask you how you are doing. Community is incredibly important, and every member of the student body really displays that. Our six core characteristics are respect, responsibility, integrity, curiosity, compassion, and courage. Every member of our community embodies these traits, and we don't hesitate to shout one another out for showing a characteristic. These characteristics not only help to improve our learning environment, but prepare us to be contributing members of society. We are hard-working, driven, and willing to do whatever it takes to get us into college. Going to Summit allowed me to find myself, and determine who I am. The small school experience, the constant support of the faculty, mentor, and students, has allowed me to become more and more developed with each passing year. I genuinely believe that I wouldn't have been given the same opportunity at a bigger, public high school.

Summit are for those students who are passionate about their future, wanting to make a connection with those around them, and willing to make a change.

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