Describe the type of student who should attend East Los Angeles College. Why?



East La College is a great place to begin your college journey. In the heart of East La, you get to see both sides of the coin. The gang bangers are down the block, and the corporate buildings are in plain site. Beyond it being a nice school for aesthetics, it also has some solid transfer programs to get you to the next step in life. I think anyone who is trying to get back on their feet, just finishing high school, or someone who wants to take unique classes should give ELAC a try. The professors actually care about the students, which is a hard thing to say when dealing with a community college. ELAC has been a stepping stone for me, and I know that when finishing my units here that there will be dozens of opportunities wherever I decide to go after. I think the most important thing to remember is the school is one piece of the college life pie, the professors, the classes, the atmosphere, the experience, and the hard work you put in are all crucial ingredients and without it, I don't think the pie would be very tasty. The type of student who should attend ELAC is any student, young or older who wants to make a difference in the community, in their own lives, in their families lives, and the world. ELAC has made a huge difference in our community, I believe the students should reflect that change.

Anonymous, Student, East Los Angeles College, Class of 2017

East Los Angeles College is a community college for anyone who wants to transfer to a university, get an associates degree, or get a skills certificate.

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