What is a typical Dutchtown High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Dutchtown High School.


Anonymous, Student, Dutchtown High School, Class of 2016

The typical dutchtown student would be a out going person, dress very nice,is a very social person ,also be short most likely

Anonymous, Student, Dutchtown High School, Class of 2015

The are several type of students that attend Dutchtown High School. First we have the Class Clowns. Every classroom has one or several students who believe it is their job to keep the remainder of the class entertained. These students love the attention and make it their primary goal to get laughs. This often gets these students into trouble and they are referred to office often. Second we have the Clueless student. These students do not understand social cues or sarcasm. They can be easy targets for bullies, especially verbal bullying. They are often referred to as “blonde” or “air heads”. Their typically laid back and easy going. Next we have the Motivated student. A motivated student is often a extremely hard worker with specific goals that they are trying to achieve. They may or may not be naturally smart, but they can typically overcome any learning issue through hard work. Teachers love to have motivated students because they are eager to learn, asks questions, and do anything to reach their goals. Then we the Natural Leader, Nerd and Organized students.The natural leader is someone whom everyone looks up too. They are typically tremendously enthusiastic, well liked, and well rounded individuals. They often do not even realize that other people look up to them. Natural leaders often lead by example, but have the unique ability to get people to listen to them when they do speak. Typically, nerds have above average intelligence. They are often seen as different or quirky and are physically immature for their age. This makes them targets for bullies. They have unique interests compared to their peers and are often fixated on those interests.These students are almost always prepared for class. They seldom forget to complete homework and bring what they need to class. Their locker or desk is exceptionally neat and orderly. They are always on time and ready to learn when class begins. They do not forget deadlines, are adept at staying on task, and managing their time. The we have the opposite students , which are the Pot Stirrer and the Quiet as the Mouse students. A pot stirrer loves to create drama without being in the center of the situation. They look for little pieces of information that they can use to turn one student against another. These students are master manipulators even changing up the story to ensure that there is drama. They understand what buttons to push and are excellent at doing that. The Quiet as a Mouse students are often shy and/or withdrawn. They only have a few friends and those friends are also typically quiet. They are never in trouble, but they rarely participate in classroom discussions. They avoid conflict and stay clear of drama. It can be extremely difficult for a teacher to gauge how well these students are learning. Lastly, we have the Socialite, unmotivated and unorganized students. A socialite would talk to a wall if they thought it would talk back. They always have something to say and find it difficult to go even a few minutes without talking. They love classroom discussions and are the first to raise their hands when the teacher asks a question. There is no limit to the topic. They are experts at everything and love to hear their own voice. An unmotivated student is typically labeled as lazy. They do not have the drive to succeed academically. They are just there because they have to be. In many cases, they do not have the necessary parental support at home to be successful. They frustrate teachers because many have tremendous potential, but refuse to complete or turn in assignments. Unorganized students genuinely frustrate a teacher. They continuously forget to take homework or important notes home. Their locker or desk is chaotic. They often turn in crumpled papers due to being crammed inside a locker, back pack, or book. They are often late to class/school and are terrible at managing their time. All characters are necessary because all have the potential to be smart.

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