What is a typical Scott City High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Scott City High School.


Anonymous, Parent of student at Scott City High School

The typical Scott City High School student is a small town student with big dreams. We are students in a very small community, however we have the Mississippi River running right through our town, as well as a major railroad line. We are also at the edge of an airport, and a huge interstate goes right by, as well. Although the internet brings everybody together these days, being a student in a small town that has had access to the world by air, water, train or car has kept students dreaming big for years. We are tenacious. We know that we will have to prove ourselves to the outside world, because we are from a small Midwestern High School. If you are the valedictorian from a school with 500 graduates, it seems very impressive. However, if you are a valedictorian from a school with 60 graduates, is that even impressive? And, what if you are not a valedictorian, with a class of 60? We students of Scott City High School have to make ourselves known, and make sure we appear relevant to the world, regardless of the size of our school and community. We have access to the world, and to any dreams in it, regardless of our smaller community, and we stand tall to prove it.

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