Would you recommend attending Christian Learning Center if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Christian Learning Center, Class of 2016

                                         The Answer is Always Yes

I would definitely recommend Christian Learning School. It is a fantastic school with so much faith and compassion. It is a school with incredible teachers who are great at teaching the material to all depths of students.
The athletic department has basketball, volleyball, and track and field. All these are great choices at any school and especially at CLC. All the students are actively participating in these sports and in other activities like Math Relays. Being with fellow Christians is a great atmosphere and is great for students to grow in a faith filled environment. I will always say yes to Christian Learning Center. The answer will always be yes and never no. It is a great school with fantastic teachers and students. It is a great school for making lasting friendships. I will always be a navy blue and gray CLC mustang and so should you.

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