Where and how are your school measures derived?

Ex: the "Outcomes" score of 78. What does that mean and where is the source data for that measure?


Will Carington, works for Noodle

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Noodle aggregates a wide variety of data sources to provide an overview of every public K-12 school. We compile data from the federal government, state agencies, and other providers of education data. For an in-depth overview of Noodle's K-12 report card ratings, see our explanation of how Noodle rates K-12 schools.

The "Outcomes" index is for schools that offer instruction up to grade 12. It focuses on the transition from high school to college. Where data points are available, the index considers four-year high school graduation rates, SAT and ACT scores and participation, and college attendance rates.

Available data for the report cards vary widely from state to state, so comparisons should only be made among schools within a state. For additional details on data availability from each state, see our state-by-state data overview.

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