Which 3 extracurricular activities at Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School, Class of 2016

One of the most popular is student government, a lot of people are very involved with this, also there is FBLA. There are not many clubs and extracurriculars because of the nature of the school, most people will participate in extracurriculars at schools that are in their zone according to where they live, even though they go here.

Anonymous, Student, Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School, Class of 2016

Although we're a non-traditional Charter school, with Dual-enrollment students for 11th and 12th grade, the options are limited. However, we have a great staff of teachers that supervise 3 clubs that I am a part of: Key club, NHS, and HOSA. Key club is a great way to get connected to your community and have some wonderful community service experience. People always talk about how volunteering can make a big difference in other people's lives, but giving back to others through my involvement in Key club has changed MY life. Another popular club for Academically excelling students is the National Honor Society. In my NHS, we've volunteered at many different organizations, like at the March of Dimes, where we raised awareness by walking miles, while spreading the word. I would definitely recommend this club, especially because you'll meet great kids out their that have the same core values as you do. And last but not least, my favorite, would be HOSA. HOSA is so academically engaging, and the most exciting club, since we get to compete in fields related to Health Career fields. Our club is great because we have so many active members for a small school. And since they provide us with all the material needed to prepare for the competition.

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