Would you recommend attending Design Science Early College High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Design Science Early College High School, Class of 2015

YES!!! I attending an early college high school did not only allow me to continue my dreams of attending college, but it changed my academic life completely and it has allowed me to take part of a unique learning community. I entered the Fresno City College campus at the age of 13. At first it was a little unsettling to sit in a college class next to someone who was old enough to be my parent. I remember feeling proud, yet I was filled with self-doubt, but now my doubts are gone. I graduated from Design Science, graduated from Fresno City College with GPA Highest Honors, honors from a college honors society, & received my Associates of Arts from Fresno City College at 18 years of age! Best of all, I'm not planning on stopping any time soon. This Fall 2015, I will be attending the University of California Riverside in order to pursue my dreams of majoring in Business. I'm proud of the decision I made. I'm now the very first college graduate of my family.

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