Describe the type of student who should not attend South Iredell High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Parent of student at South Iredell High School

South Iredell is open and welcoming to all students. SIHS offers an excellent education to it's students. As with anything the student will get out of school what they put into it.

Anonymous, Student, South Iredell High School, Class of 2016

Students at South Iredell display a range of diversity in interests, social classes, academic levels, etc. A student who chooses to be discriminatory or judgmental is not fitting for South Iredell, as South Iredell is a culture that embraces anyone and anything that is brought to the table. Additionally, a student who wishes to not be involved in the Viking Nation in some way should not attend South Iredell, as one of the best ways to receive the true experience of the close-knit bond that our school holds is to participate in a club, program, or sports team.

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