What is a typical Ironwood High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Ironwood High School.


Anonymous, Student, Ironwood High School, Class of 2016

The typical people that I have noticed attend Ironwood are spirited students. With a student body of over 2000, it is hard to find 2000 perfect apples. However, when it comes to spirit assembles, football games, and homecoming events, the Ironwood students know how to represent our school. We are proud to be Eagles, and it definitely shows. Every Friday is red and grey Friday. I love seeing the school shining in red and grey. The people I meet are always nice and have great manners! When I work in the student store, there are many "thank you's," "you're welcomes" and smiles. It is nice to be nice, and Ironwood knows that for sure.

Anonymous, Student, Ironwood High School, Class of 2016

A typical Ironwood School student walk the halls looking as any ordinary person, but it is their story you see when you look at them. Some may wear typical clothing from a store or others decide to show their school spirit. Showing school spirit is a big thing here at Ironwood. Every Friday we wear the school colors red and grey, or all black if it is a black out. Day to day activities depend on what you decide to participate in. There is a few groups of high school students; the artists, band members, athletes, and the theater/dance. Who you become and what story you will be known for is all up to you.

The type of person who should attend Ironwood High School is someone who can show dedication in school spirit. This someone should also participate in after school activities and make the most of their high school something to be remembered. Anyone can be known for anything, but can you be known as a true Ironwood Eagle?

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