Describe the type of student who should attend Spartanburg High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Spartanburg High School, Class of 2018

Spartanburg High School is not just a school. It's not a place that kids dread attending every day. It's not a place of simply learning facts to forget them the next year. Spartanburg High School is a community of people: teachers, administrators, students, and parents that form a cohesive unit focused on bettering the lives of the students in all aspects. This being said, the teachers cannot be expected to change lives simply by teaching material; students must play their part in developing themselves as well. A perfect student does not exist. It is a guarantee that some may come close, but as a student myself I know that it is impossible to excel in every class, every extra-curricular, and every sport. Students do have to help teachers along in the process of maturing and gaining knowledge though. A few key characteristics in a student can help them thrive at Spartanburg High School. Determination is a huge factor: kids must be determined to learn so that they may better their opportunities in life. Hard-working and driven are two more factors that students that attend Spartanburg High should have: you get out what you put in is a 100% true statement--hard working students are better students. Curious and persistent learners who have a thirst for knowledge will also thrive at Spartanburg High School where there are hundreds of different classes to pursue all kinds of different interests. Most importantly though, goal-setters and go-getters are the students that should attend Spartanburg High School: kids who can set goals and relentlessly work towards them are the kind that will find success at Spartanburg High School.

Anonymous, Student, Spartanburg High School, Class of 2018

A student who wants to work hard and succeed academically as well as athletically, but also wants to experience a little bit of what life is like should attend Spartanburg High School. If you are a good student then you are placed in advanced classes with excellent teachers that push you with lots of work and high standards. Also, Spartanburg High School's athletic program excels in football and track and field, with hardcore coaches that are sure to push you to your limits. However, the highschool can be a little sketchy and there are ALL types of people in it, so the culture is a vibrant one similar to that of the real world whereas in a private school you would hardly get to see half the craziness that's out there.

Anonymous, Student, Spartanburg High School, Class of 2016

A student who attends should be hardworking and ready to learn. The teachers strive to aid you in your journey to better yourself and become more educated, but they are not going to hold your hand through the whole endeavor. They expect you do some of the work yourself.

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