Describe the type of student who should attend Spanish River Community High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Spanish River Community High School, Class of 2016

Any kind of student can attend SRCHS and find their niche. I entered a shy, focused freshman and emerged a social butterfly, ranked in the top 10 and president of four different organizations. Spanish River offers an extremely focused guidance department that's always willing to aid students and a myriad of resources in order to ensure student success. Teachers are optimistic and dedicated, constantly pushing their students towards a brighter future. However, my favorite part of attending Spanish River Community High School is the sheer amount of extracurriculars. In four years, I've gotten to paint a house with Habitat for Humanity, lend money to a Kenyan school with Kiva Club, do hundreds of community service hours of recycling with Environmental Club, and participate in countless community drives and events with various honor societies. I've helped build sets for our school plays and had work featured in our literary magazine. At Spanish River, a student hardly has to try to get involved and succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Spanish River Community High School, Class of 2016

Someone who likes to be involved in lots of diverse activities. Leadership holds lots of school related pep rally's and events- great school spirit. The specialized academies are really good, as well.

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