Describe the type of student who should attend University of Northwestern-St Paul. Why?



The University of Northwestern - St Paul is an excellent school. The kind of student that should attend there is one of self-discipline, enthusiasm for learning, academic integrity, and a heart for Jesus and others. As a Christian University, UNWSP hopes to attract people who are in love with Jesus who want to steward their gifts so that they can go be a light in the world. However, students who do not have a relationship with Christ can still apply, and we hope to show them the love of Jesus as they attend.

Anonymous, Student, University of Northwestern-St Paul, Class of 2019

Any student who is looking for a strong Christian education while also being well equipped for the real world will do well here. Northwestern has a strong Christian community and promotes ways to get to know people around campus through a week-long orientation, hall events, and campus wide activities. Also, for students who want a closer relationship with their professor should come here. Professors are readily available and they are here to mentor and walk beside their students. They are very helpful and want the best of their students and work very hard to encourage excellence.

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