Describe the type of student who should not attend Charles W Baker High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Parent of student at Charles W Baker High School

As a parent, the type of student that does not enrich the student body are students that are unmotivated to graduate high school. These types of students slow the class down because these students may require more instruction time or extra time from teachers for reminders for make up work or tests. These types of students, who have already decided not to graduate high school, would make frustrating Baker High School students.

Anonymous, Student, Charles W Baker High School, Class of 2016

Students who are apathetic towards their studies, and do not show motivation for everything they do, should not attend Baker High School. Students here give one hundred percent of their effort to both their studies and extracurricular activities, so students who do not have goals and aspirations for a bright future would not fare well.

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