What was your experience at University Of California-irvine?


Adam Shapiro, I am a graduate of UC Irvine

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In beautiful Southern California Near the foothills and the beach Is a world-class university Where exceeding your potential is within reach

UC Irvine is a major research institution Featuring over 80 majors for the undergrad It boasts high rankings and top accolades Including three Nobel Prizes, which ain’t bad

The grounds are expansive and verdant With 1,500 acres and 25,000 trees Though rushing to class all the way across campus Can’t always be done with ease

The school is renown for tough majors Like Engineering and Bio Sci But many give the humanities, social sciences, and arts The good old college try

Though most students are focused and studious And very serious about academics There are several exciting clubs and activities To satisfy all interests and demographics

UCI is not a party school It’s in a quiet town and half the students commute But with some of the top athletic programs in the nation There are talented teams for which students maniacally root

Ethnically, the student body skews toward Asian Though you’ll find a cosmopolitan mix from around the globe You’re sure to meet engaging and thoughtful scholars To stimulate your every “branial lobe”

In all, my experience at UCI was excellent In fact, I don’t know how it could have been better And who could complain about a school Whose mascot is the amazing Anteater!

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