Is Meadowcreek High School a good school? How would you rate the teachers? Is criminal activity a common problem here? How about fighting?


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It all depends on what you're looking for!

Meadowcreek HS offers some unusual advanced learning opportunities, such as MeadowcreekU, which allows students to learn from community members and concentrate in certain subjects of interest. It also has a strong partnership with Georgia Tech to develop excellent STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) courses. There were 74 honors students, but almost two-thirds of the student population participated in at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course. You can find this information in the 2013 Gwinnett County Public Schools-issued accountability report.

The report also includes a survey on school safety perceptions, and 65 percent of students (and 75 percent of parents) agreed or strongly agreed that they felt safe at Meadowcreek High.

You might remember that Meadowcreek HS made the news a few years ago for gang brawls and other unwelcome school violence. This website gives it a C+ on safety and has some good insight from students. They report that drug use is more common than fighting.

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