What was a typical CUNY Queens College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend CUNY Queens College.


Anonymous, Student, CUNY Queens College, Class of 2018

You do not need to be a certain race, gender, ethnicity to attend CUNY Queens College. Everyone is allowed to apply no matter the size, shape, age or racial backround.

Anonymous, Student, CUNY Queens College, Class of 2018

It is a bit diverse. Most people at Quieens College were slackers, people who didn't do much at all in High School. They got by doing the bare minimum. Other people are like me who worked way too hard for High school and barely made it because of all the work that had to be done for High School. Other students are people who work and want an education such as people in their thirties, fourties, etc.

As for the type of person that should attend Queens college. The type of person should be someone who is serious about their future and wants a proper education at a cost that won't make them go bankrupt.

Anonymous, Student, CUNY Queens College, Class of 2018

Queens College is very religiously, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse. Therefore, there is no one type of student that is matriculated here. The surprising rigor of the coursework here at Queens College coupled with the low in- and out-of-state tuition makes it a great "bang for the buck" investment so anyone who is looking for an affordable quality education can find their place here. Being a commuter school (there is limited apartment style housing available for about 500 students) it does attract mostly New York natives, especially those who have attended the two high schools in close proximity. As for any stand out programs here, the Aaron Copeland School of Music is very selective, and many students cite this school as being the sole reason for their attendance. Queens College also boasts an extremely competitive Communication Sciences & Disorders Master's Program.

Anonymous, Student, CUNY Queens College, Class of 2016

The typical QC student was probably unsure about their future in high school, but wanted a chance to have higher education without being in debt.

Anonymous, Student, CUNY Queens College, Class of 2018

Cuny Queens College is well attended by Jews and Whites and Asians by majority, but of course there are other cultures. The students as well as staff are very friendly and inviting. Walking on campus you can spot a lot of wild life such as hawks, squirrels, various bird species. Not only do the animals create a peaceful atmosphere but standing in the center of the campus, as you look north, there is a beautiful sight to see. Cuny Queens College is outgoing, naturalistic and diverse in people, food, and cultures.

Anonymous, Student, CUNY Queens College, Class of 2014

In high school, if a student wanted to attend CUNY Queens College they should have a type of mindset that is willing to "buckle down" and work. Not just work of course, but get involved, sell yourself, and do good for the community. Queens College wants to see an individual who is willing to go far and beyond their limits and excel at what they do. Essentially, a person who is willing to consider their future seriously and work for the success that they deserve, Queens College is the college for them.

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