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how is the teachers and the learning process?


Rivkah Carl, Data Analyst

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The New York City Department of Education provides a Quality Review Report which is helpful in understanding the schools approach and strategy towards student learning. Here are short responses from that report:( "The basic theory is that in order for students to excel, they have to first love school, engage actively in language-rich activities, and experience positive reinforcement in learning. From this theory, it is apparent how and why the school has set short- and long-term goals, including increasing second language learning, improving students' writing and thinking across subjects and promoting meaningful external partnership programs"

"Teachers use wisely a broad range of assessment data that leads to effective instructional planning and interventions for students. -All classroom teachers collect baseline student performance data three times per year, including running records, on-demand writing tasks and Everyday Math unit assessments. These, along with quarterly social studies and science performance assessments, supplement State test data and form the basis of grade teams monitoring individual student and subgroup achievement. Teachers cite student-specific learning outcomes during grade team meetings, which leads to targeted interventions, group work and conferencing during lessons. Therefore, there is good alignment of assessment practices with instructional decisions."

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