What was a typical Cornell University student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Cornell University.


Anonymous, Student, Cornell University, Class of 2017

I'm currently working full time and attending school. I believe the person that attends Cornell University should be able to juggle many things and wear many hats. My focus is to finish my degree in order to continue my work as a community activist. I'm a woman living in Bronx, New York, my community is very poor and under served. We live in the biggest city in the world yet many people still live under the poverty line and go hungry each day. I believe that the students that attends my school should be able to think long term. He or she should stop and think how would my degree change my community. I am grateful to be given this opportunity to get an education and improve my community. Whenever we think of the college experience we think of drinking, late nights however we forget about older students and the students that cant have that luxury. It is important to look at the other students attending this institution.

Anonymous, Student, Cornell University, Class of 2015

This is a difficult question to answer because Cornell's student body is extremely diverse. It is amazing how many different types of people students will meet throughout their years in school. As a result, I wouldn't say that there is a typical Cornell student. In terms of who should attend Cornell, I believe anyone with ambitions in any field of study should attend Cornell because the school provides such a diverse range of people and resources to take advantage of. If I had to add anything, I would say that people who enjoy rural areas and do not mind snow would appreciate Ithaca.

Anonymous, Student, Cornell University, Class of 2015

Very hard working and self-motivated. There isn't anyone around to push you or encourage you. You need to be able to do so yourself.

Anonymous, Student, Cornell University, Class of 2016

The typical Cornell University student in high school was driven, hard-working, organized, and a team leader. An ideal candidate for Cornell is someone who is determined, focused, and had a clear idea of where and how they want to make a positive impact in society.

Anonymous, Student, Cornell University, Class of 2018

Obviously I cannot speak for every student, but the average student was definitely studious in some way. They had some sort of goal in mind, which gave them drive to make it through high school with grades decent enough to be accepted into Cornell.

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