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What does the project need to claim for the status of a new game within a series? The development of mechanics, the continuation of history, graphic changes? Or enough fresh name? You probably already guessed the message. Yes, in TrackMania 2: Lagoon there is absolutely nothing progressive.

The TrackMania concept is minimal enough just how necessary that one part of the gaming community cries out of boredom, and the other finds an excuse to enlist in the ranks of the cybersport elite. The task here is simple - to overcome the track in the shortest possible time. The bill goes for a split second, it all comes down to dropping speed at 31 km / h (no more and no less) at that turn and turn right at an angle of 36 degrees (no more and no less). At the heart of success - filigree accuracy and absolute sense of automotive physics.

Tracks in TrackMania are very different from tracks from other racing projects. The roads here are distinguished by extreme entanglement and floridity. TrackMania 2: Lagoon fully corresponds to the canons of the genre, but does not even try to make a dead loop around its own concept. The same crazy pile of planes, the same tricks with vertical surfaces, the same dynamics.

This is not a reproach, but a statement of fact. The fans of the series do not need any changes - for them it is equivalent to an unexpected change in chess rules for a grandmaster. However, after all, new sets of cards are not issued for chess every year!

Everyone who can rank himself among the fans of the series, for sure, remembers the environment of Rollercoaster Lagoon from last year's Turbo . The sun, the sand, the beach - is it not about races in such conditions any racer dreams? The tropical theme fell to the players very much to taste.

So, all that the developers have done - they took a favorite setting for many online games, fashioned a couple of dozen new maps and presented them in the ManiaPlanet system. In general, all the last parts of TrackMania fit into this scheme , because this is the fourth set-up addition. However, nothing (except for greed for profit) did not stop Nadeo from releasing all the environments in one bundle.

After all, the content for each part was very small. In LagoonIt is almost completely represented by 65 new tracks, which are divided into five levels of complexity. If the first to cope with even the blind, then the latter will require a high level of skill to win at least bronze. A medal is needed for moving forward: new cards are opened only after a decent passage of the previous ones.

TrackMania is, of course, not for everyone. To some, ascetic races seem boring, and someone will be blissful from winning two hundredths of a second on the next turn. For the latter and Lagoon , in spite of the almost complete absence of new content, it will be quite suitable for hone-gaming skills. But in approaching at least some objective it is obvious that the new part is not worth its money.

However, it is worth mentioning about a couple of innovations, which the developers decided to embellish their creation. There are six modes in the game, among which the new is just one - Chase, which provides a rather curious experience of the team game.

The editor has fresh tools for creativity. Players have a lot of opportunities to create original content. You can change any game aspect: from the color of the machines to the music. Entertainment on the fan, but the fans are kind of happy.

Games like TrackMania are hard to evaluate. Simply because for some, a set of new cards is a nice gift, which is not a pity to spend a thousand rubles, but for others - not a particularly valuable supplement. In TrackMania 2: Lagoon there is nothing wrong. As there is nothing, for which she would like to be praised.

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Not very many deaf students (though I did have 2 deaf interns from there during my time at FSDB)...BUT St Augustine in general has a rather large deaf population b/c FSDB is right there. Lots of potential for social opportunities with FSDB grads who are attending UNF or community colleges and those working at FSDB. In general--Flagler College is beautiful, right in downtown, pretty close to the beach, and a really good price for a private school. The program specifically is pretty good, they make sure they have experience at the deaf school, which is better than programs that don't have good connections with residential schools...of course, I personally prefer the masters at UNF (but it's changing to a bachelor's next year) or at UT in terms of fully preparing teachers. I just think it's hard to do that in 4 years...ESPECIALLY for hearing students who are still learning ASL/Deaf culture. Our program here at UT requires a year long internship and I think that's really helpful, maybe even necessary.

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