What was your experience at New York University?


Michele Bianculli, Operations and Account Manager at Noodle

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Going to college in the heart of the Village was absolutely awesome. Culturally and socially, NYU was amazing. Academically, I wish I had gone in a different direction. As an acting major, your focus is too split between the three days a week you are in a conservatory program and the two days a week you need to fit in all your academics. This setup means that neither gets the attention it deserves. It also means you can't take academic classes that meet four days a week.

If you are looking for a place where you will have no choice but to learn effective time management and you want to be exposed to everything the city has to offer, NYU is an excellent choice.

Bridgette Austin, NYU Alumna

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Attending NYU for my undergrad education was by far one of the best life decisions I made. What I found most valuable were the relationships I built with students (I’m still friends with many of my roommates and classmates to this day); the wide selection of classes and flexibility as a Gallatin student; the student job search and career counseling resources (NYU’s established reputation and partnerships in the business/NGO world help in this area); and the easy access to the city’s cultural events and amazing nightlife.

However, I will say that my professors and advisors ranged from experienced, real-world experts, to plain wacky and indifferent academics. I suppose this is to be expected from a university as large as NYU. However, for the money you will be paying, it can be quite a disappointment and waste of time when you end up with the latter. With that said, be sure to speak to other students and do your research before choosing your classes – you will be glad you did given the size and complexity of each of NYU’s schools.

Also, with the campus not being a traditional, enclosed campus, it’s easy to become isolated due to the sheer size of the university. Though arguably, Washington Square Park has sort of been adopted as NYU’s hub and unofficial quad. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and expand your inner circle by joining clubs and associations, and taking on volunteer jobs and internships. Moreover, I think living on campus, particularly during freshman year, pushed me to participate in a lot of the student body activities NYU had to offer.

Jillian Youngblood, Director of Community Relations at Noodle

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For me, the most valuable part of NYU was New York City itself. While I did have some transformative classroom experiences, they didn't compare to the bigger professional and social opportunities the city offers. I had a series of internships that turned into a full-time job before I even graduated, and later turned into a job on Capitol Hill. My poli-sci classes were a good start, but there's no better qualification than learning to operate successfully at a young age in the world's most important media market. NYU is a dauntingly colossal, mind-bogglingly bureaucratic, and massively expensive place to study. But once you conquer that experience, you can do just about anything.

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New York City has about 50 universities and colleges. By professionally I am Online Nursing Essay Service provider and my opinion New York University (NYU) is simply a most excellent choice because each university is comprised of numerous different schools which all have a variety of programs of study. NYU has extremely strong film and theater programs, while BU has journalism and strong communications programs.

Vielka Cecilia Hoy, Founder/Director at Vielka Hoy Consulting, Teacher, and Parent

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I loved going to NYU. I did my student teaching and observations at some of the most diverse and prestigious high schools in the country including LaGuardia High School (the Fame school). I attended performances at Julliard and Lincoln Center for class assignments. And my music business major and Tisch friends always had the hook-up on shows in the city.

I was at NYU at a time when Kenneth Star was prosecuting Bill Clinton and still taught his Friday classes at the law school; that made for interesting walks around the park on my way to class. The OJ verdict was aired in every deli window as I walked to class. As a member of the track and cross country teams, nothing beat runs along the tip of the island, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and up to the Empire State Building and back to Coles.

When you are thinking about college and what can happen in and out of the classroom, absolutely nothing can top that experience at NYU.

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