I currently live in Alabama, less than 3 miles from the Harlson County line. My daughter wants to go to school to Haralson County Hogh School. I heard that since we live so close to the county line, she is allowed to attend Haralson. Is this true?


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Students must live in the Haralson County School District with their parents or legal guardians and be otherwise eligible for enrollment under Georgia law to be enrolled in the Haralson County School System.

Children of non-resident school system employees shall be admitted to the Haralson County School System with subject to the payment of tuition as determined by the board.

Based upon availability of space, children of parents who own property in Haralson County may attend Haralson County Schools by paying a tuition fee that is set from time to time by the Board of Education and does not exceed the tuition amount that may be charged under Georgia law.

Tuition is due (in full) at the beginning of the school year (prior to the first day of school) or may be paid in a two semester split: August 1st and January 2nd of the current school year. Failure to pay tuition as prescribed will result in withdrawal from the School System once payment becomes over ten (10) days delinquent (10 days past the due date).

The continued enrollment of non-resident students in all schools within the school system shall be conditioned on the following additional criteria: a. Consistent attendance with no excessive unexcused absenteeism; b. Satisfactory discipline c. Academic progress maintained (e.g. passing scores in all coursework)

In the event a non-resident student becomes a disciplinary or attendance problem, the principal may revoke the student's permission to attend school in the Haralson County School System without the necessity of convening a disciplinary tribunal. The principal's decision may be appealed to the Superintendent, whose decision shall be final and not subject to further appeal. Any non-resident student who is registered in the Haralson County School System under falsified information shall be immediately withdrawn from the school system.

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