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What's it like going to an all girls school, specifically Scripps?


Maggie Murphy, Scripps is the best!

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One day walking on campus, I said to my friend, "Why doesn't everyone apply to the Claremont Colleges? They're incredible!" Scripps stands out among the Claremonts as developing strong, thoughtful, and inspiring students. The stunning campus is a beautiful place to receive an education and the personal attention students receive from professors is life changing. My advisor at Scripps knew me so well. He was able to guide me through courses and internships that allowed for me to succeed on and off campus. Whenever I had questions about class topics or just wanted to pick my professors' brains on topics they were available. This promoted me to always question the world around me, and feel justified in doing so. The students at Scripps are so wonderful. I loved hearing what my classmates were up to because they were always doing exciting thing and refused to settle for doing anything less than their best. Most importantly, the students are supportive of their peers. There was always someone available to look over a paper, bounce an idea off of, go to the gym and pool with, or help pick out what shoes to wear. The Claremont Colleges together provide their students with the resources of a big university and the social life that goes along them will provide any Scripps student the activities they're interested in pursuing. Attending a women's college was the right decision for me because I never felt the need to apologize for being vocal or passionate about topics. Also, the dorms are amazing and clean!! The dorm community is exceptional and will play a role in your time at Scripps. Rather it be pranking first years, accidentally starting fires incorrectly in the fireplaces, or slumber parties in the browsing room it's all magical.

I'm in graduate school right now and am shocked at how unsure my classmates are about their answers. Scripps creates students that refuse to adhere to norms to appease the masses. This is such a great thing to learn and will help students stand out in the work field. The Scripps community is wonderful and played a large role in making me the person I am today. I'm also still good friends with the people I met in college and know that I can always call them up to catch up because you're part of the Scripps family for life.

Jill Mahoney, Alum 2011. 2010-11 Senior Class President. 2008-09 Campus Activities Chair.

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Scripps is an excellent school with incredible professors and a great environment. As a Scrippsie you'll receive personal attention from professors and administrators, which is wonderful for those who thrive when not lost in a crowd. One of the best perks of attending Scripps, or any Claremont College really, is the Consortium which creates a larger college/university-like feel while still maintaining small class sizes, college personalities, and special events you'll only find at small schools (like tea time!). The 5Cs provide the opportunity to meet other students (a great deal of my friends went to CMC) and attend a wider option of classes and clubs. Each 5C really does have their own personality, which attracts different types of students, so you'll be sure to find similar-minded friends and colleagues. Scripps definitely attracts studious individuals, but that isn't to say there aren't those who like to socialize. Attending a women's college can be overwhelming at first, especially when coming from a coed high school, but you won't feel as though you are only among women. You'll have classes, clubs, and events with the other schools, though your all Scripps classes (specifically CORE during your first year) will create a strong Scripps bond that you'll hang on to way past graduation. I loved Scripps, even though I was hesitant at first. It's a beautiful school with great resources and great people.

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Anonymous, Current student

When I think of the Scripps community, I think of a community that celebrates equality, closeness, and also individuality. The Scripps community encourages every student to follow her dreams and live boldly, not just for herself but for women everywhere. The Scripps environment is encouraging, challenging, and exciting, and each day is an opportunity to grow. I chose Scripps because I wanted to belong to a community of curious, determined, and intelligent women who would inspire and motivate me to do my best. At Scripps everyone is driven, but never hesitant to help each other out, and I think this is unique, especially at such a highly ranked institution.

I love that Scripps is a women's college! When applying to colleges, I didn't specifically seek out an all-girls school but fell in love with Scripps anyway. I love the consortium, but I love being a part of Scripps. It is so inspiring being surrounded by women who want to make a difference and who are passionate about what they do. There are so many leadership opportunities available to students and Scripps is a very supportive environment.

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