Is preschool the right choice for most children? Are there some kids who would benefit more from waiting until kindergarten to begin school?


Amanda Uhry, Founder and owner, Manhattan Private School Advisors (New York City)

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Almost all children benefit tremendously from the preschool experience because preschool today, especially for the older 3s and 4s, encompasses a lot of what kindergarten did forty or fifty tears --academically and in term of curriculum. Preschool as its name suggests teaches young children how to attend school; how to work within the classroom and the peer group. There are many "alternative" preschool programs if you prefer to send a child to them instead of formal preschool and all work towards the same goal: seperation and independences. So, yes, preschool is an excellent choice for almost every child -- and there are so many types of preschool programs and options in terms of days, length or time, etc. That said, this is an individual parental choice. A good suggestion is to enroll a child in toddler classes the year before preschool and judge his or her developing independence and participation.

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