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What was a typical Xavier University student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Xavier University.


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Amanda Mull, Student, Xavier University

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Most importantly, he must have the desire to learn and achieve success in his work.

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I don't consider there's any standard excessive faculty Xavier student. a number of the scholars here are very concerned, so in case you were very worried about the excessive college you will possibly adore it right here. most college students that attend Xavier are top middle class. the majority of our school's populace comes from non-public excessive schools with Catholic history.

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Anonymous, Student, Xavier University, Class of 2015

I don't believe there is any typical high school Xavier Student. A lot of the students here are very involved, so if you were very involved in high school you will probably like it here. Also since the classes are so small, if you want that personal connection you can easily get it from your professor, or easily make friends.

Anonymous, Student, Xavier University, Class of 2018

Students who attend Xavier must be dedicated to their studies. Xavier students embrace the phrase "One for All" by dedicating themselves through service to others.

Anonymous, Student, Xavier University, Class of 2018

Most students have attended a catholic high school (usually jesuit if the student is a male). Usually from the midwest. Xavier is great for average people and B students in particular.

Anonymous, Student, Xavier University, Class of 2017

Most students that attend Xavier are upper middle class. The majority of our school's population comes from private high schools with catholic background.

Anonymous, Student, Xavier University, Class of 2016

I believe that anyone can attend Xavier. We have a wide variety of students. Everyone I meet here is diverse but everyone gets along very well. Coming out of high school, all students have found a place they fit here at Xavier.

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