John ran track 1/8 of a mile long. He ran around 24 times. How many miles does he run?


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So, if the track is 1/8 of a mile, let's call every lap a "one-eighth mile" run. We know John ran 24 laps, or that he ran 24 "one-eighth miles," just consecutive, one right after another. Let's stop worrying about rates or tricks or math for a second, and just ask: how many real miles is 24 "one-eighth" miles? We know it's less than 24---a lot less, since you have to go around 8 times just to get to 1 mile. Well wait, if we go around 8 times, we get 1 mile. That means if we go around 28, or 16 times, we get 2 miles; And let's just think to the next full mile---if we go 38, or 24 times, we get 3 miles. He did go around 24 times, so he must have run 3 miles on a 1/8 track.

Division and multiplication are inverses of each other. So we solved this by looking for an intuition for how many full miles corresponded to how many laps, with a bunch of steps of multiplication. But you can cut right to the chase and solve it faster with division---24 laps * 1 mile per 8 laps, means:

total distance = 24 Lap (1 mi / 8 Lap) total distance = 24/8 total distance = 3

Paola Arteaga, Just multiply fraction by times then you dived the result to obtain miles

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1/8 x 24/1 = 24/8 24 divedstrong text by 8 = 3 miles.

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That means he ran 3 miles

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If the track is one eight of a mile long this means he would have to run around 8 times in order to run one mile. And since he ran around 24 times we can say that he has run 3 miles.

  • 8 laps = 1 mile
  • 24 laps = 3 miles

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