I know that I want to enter the Quinnipiac University PA program for graduate school, what is the best major to pursue? How should I prepare as an incoming freshman?


Louise Howe, Admissions Staff

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Hello! Quinnipiac actually has an entry-level master's of physician's assistant. This would be something you could consider applying to as an incoming freshman. Students who are admitted to this program will do 4 years of undergrad receiving a bachelor's degree in health science studies and then are automatically enrolled in the graduate portion of the program so long as they maintain a 3.0GPA. This is an entry-level program so it is not a major you can transfer into, you would need to apply going into your freshman year.

If you would like to go into a different undergraduate program first, you could apply for really any major, but health science studies would be the closest to what our entry-level PA students receive in their undergrad.

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