What was your experience at this school?


Sehreen, Went there in the 80s/90s

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"Kent Gardens in our school, it is the best around, we have the teachers that can't be beat and we think our principal is neat!" Yes, I still remember the words of our school song. I seriously loved this school. The teachers were awesome, the principal was iconic (she wore boots and suits way before Condi made it cool), and the teaching approach was pretty cutting edge for the time. Each morning, all classrooms would tune into the 'Morning News Show' which was aired from the library where sixth graders acted as new anchors to deliver relevant school announcements. We also had a great playground, tons of after school activities, modern computer rooms, and a really innovative space called "Shop" where third graders got to make and sell their products to the rest of the school. There's a strong commitment to teaching and learning; they even introduced a French immersion program several years ago. The friends I made at Kent Gardens are ones that I'm still close to today -- there's such a strong sense of community and the school does a great job of bring families, parents, and kids together. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this place.

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