Do boys do better in an all boys school?


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It all depends on the instructions. The purpose of having an all boys environment is to be able to address the needs that boys have specifically; from increased participation in reading and discussion to understanding how authority and responsibility works. Schools should have books on hand that will inspire young men to read and understand their position in the world. The discussion and debate should be lively and there should be a healthy amount of male teachers and administrators on hand. The title isn't what will make the difference, it is the model. Has the mode of instruction and goals carefully been thought out. A good model in NYC is Eagle Academy for Young Men. Test scores won't tell the number as much as graduation and college scores will. The reason for this is that statistically speaking the data for the boys school with be compared to multi-gender schools that are dominant girls. This throws the data off a bit and while the boys may be excelling far above that of boys in the counter setting - it doesn't show up very well. However, if boys are graduating in 4 years and being accepted to and enrolled in college at a comparative rate - that says something good about the school's progress. Note of caution: boys do behave more silly in all boy schools because there are not girls to impress. There may be more intimidation as well just by sheer fact that there are bigger boys around you all the time. The school should adopt a brotherhood - family feeling to refute those feelings and discourage bullying.

Jules Csillag, learning specialist & speech-language pathologist

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You may find the insights from this article from The Atlantic about single-sex education relevant to your question. It explains the difficulty of proving the success of single-gender schools, but I have certainly heard anecdotal evidence for it (from male and female students), and there is no evidence that it doesn't work. Single-sex schools that succeed may have more going for them than "simple" gender segregation, however. The quality of the education provided will always be more important than the gender of the students enrolled. Good luck with your school search!

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