What was your experience like at SUNY College of Technology at Canton?


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If direct contact with alumni and currently enrolled students proves difficult, several online review sites can prove helpful to gather information on student experiences. SUNY College of Technology at Canton doesn't seem to have a surplus of extensive reviews on its own website, but there are some insightful perspectives shared on non-affiliated websites. Below I have provided some of the more helpful reviews with links to where you can read more statements from other alumni and students to assist in painting a picture of what going to SUNY College of Technology at Canton might be like.

"SUNY Canton offers a wide variety of career-driven bachelor's, associate, and certificate programs, as well as three master's degrees in conjunction with SUNYIT, Utica. Most of SUNY Canton's new four-year programs are designed so students can take them on campus, online, or both." Read more here.

"I'm currently attending SUNY Canton as a transfer student and thus far I like it a lot. I am originally from the area but I moved away from my first year only to return and attend Canton. The transfer process wasn't bad, they took most of my credits from my last college and put them towards my new degree. It worked out well for my because it will help me to graduate a year early. All the courses are well taught and the instructors work with you when you have problems and/or questions. The faculty is quite approachable if you have problems. The college currently put together a club that responds to students feedback. The SUNY Canton Customer Service club; this club is dedicated to taking any feedback good or bad and doing something about it. Thus far it has worked wonderfully!" Read more here

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