How rigorous is the Michigan Tech engineering program?


Kara Sokol, Employee of Michigan Technological University, 6+ years

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Hi there! All of Michigan Tech's programs are rigorous and prepare students to create the future after graduation. This is evidenced by the fact that our students have a 92% placement rate and the tenth-highest starting salaries in the nation among public universities.

Michigan Tech students tackle real-world problems through hands-on programs like our Enterprise Program, Senior Design, undergraduate research, and more. Our engineering programs are also highly ranked, including Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Geological and Mining Engineering.

Check out our site at for more detailed info about programs and degree offerings. To learn about the student engineering experience at Michigan Tech, visit You can also feel free to contact us at 888-688-1885 or by email at with any questions.

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Taisia Volohova, Studying at the university is not a game

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Games with blind protagonists are very few, but one can recall at least one - two years ago Beyond Eyes . Although this pretty story of the girl turned out to be painfully a slow and sometimes boring adventure, there was a place for at least one interesting idea: the heroine heard the sounds and imagined some objects, and when they approached them, they turned out to be something completely different. The decayed car, for example, was actually a lawn mower. Unfortunately, the horror of Perception can not offer anything like that.

Here the blind heroine sees absolutely everything around him, once knocking a cane on the floor or table. If she does not knock without stopping, the room becomes dark again, and she has to perform a monotonous action again. How it works is not entirely understandable, and looks, frankly, very strange, as if the girl suffers not only from blindness, but also from a periodic loss of memory. And it would be okay for the objects on the locations to somehow move, but no - if the heroine is still, then all the rest does not go away.

If we throw aside this mechanics, which the authors clearly considered the main feature of their project, Perceptionis a banal "walking simulator" with elements of horror. The heroine named Cassie is in a creepy house in New England, which for many years managed to populate the ghosts. I will not talk about the story in detail, since the passage requires no more than three hours, but most of the time it takes research of various objects and listening to poorly written dialogues and monologues.

And while other analogues are rapidly evolving and offering unusual new ideas (like it was in the delightful What Remains of Edith Finch ), the developers of Perceptiondecided to make a copy of the early representatives of the genre and add a pinch of inappropriate innovations. The idea with the blind heroine sounded interesting, and for sure it was she who attracted many who donated money to Kickstarter, but eventually realized it was just idiotic. The player is forced not only to wander around the house, but also constantly knocking the cane on all the objects in order not to be in pitch darkness.

Thanks to the chosen Winx games style (what is happening looks exactly like the detective mode in the Batman: Arkham series ), all objects are painted in bluish tones, so you never see any bright colors here. Apparently, that's why the creators of Perceptiondecided to mix the familiar "walking simulator" with horror - from time to time for Cassie begins to hunt a terrible ghost. His aggressiveness depends on how often the heroine makes loud noises - if you knock with a cane without stopping, he will rather pay attention and arrive. To escape from it is very simple - just find a shelter (a box, a bath with a curtain or a big picture) and hide there for a few seconds.

In this case, such interactive objects are highlighted in green, even if Cassie is a few meters away from them. The same happens with the doors, some of which are not opened immediately. Such a decision makes the presence of a blind heroine an even more senseless idea: how does she enter the room and knock on the carpet, realizes that where it stands and with what it is possible to interact? And why on earth does she see ghosts and sense their presence, so much so that the screen glows red?

And attempts to frighten developers have never been successful. Loud sounds, sharp camera turns - all this we have seen a thousand times in horror. The actress, who voiced Cassie, tries to inflame the atmosphere with emotional cries, but it does not affect the perception at all - everything sounds too strained and theatrical. Sometimes the phrases uttered by her after a couple of seconds are repeated in a distorted voice, but it's more amusing than it inspires fear. In some moments, you clearly understand what the authors were trying to achieve, but their ideas simply do not work in such a game.

Although this can be said about all the other components of Perception. And there is a feeling that the developers themselves understand this, but because pressing a separate button you can at any time direct Cassie look in the right direction. That is, the player is literally pointing the finger where to go next. Nobody, of course, does not make use of it, but the heroine travels through a relatively large house, rather than a linear corridor, so it's easy to get confused in it. And the color palette, because of which it is often difficult to navigate in space, quickly becomes boring.

And it's okay the story was interesting, but this project can not boast of this dignity either. The game covers different time periods - from very recent events to what happened several centuries ago, and therefore all sorts of audio diaries and interactive objects in the house is full. Read Cassie for obvious reasons can not, so when you find notes uses the DELPHI program on your smartphone. They missed what the "robot" said, - run the application again, because they can not read it on their own.

Although it is unlikely that anyone will want to do this, because of attempts by the authors to convey as much information to the player as possible, it will not be interesting to him until the finale. Some doctors, some relatives, some events - everything is boring and ordinary. And this is strange, because the authors of the original BioShock participated in the development , where each diary was part of a large universe and told splendid stories. In Perception , there is not a single secondary character that would be of any interest. Even their names are forgotten instantly.

In addition, despite the efforts of actors to revive their heroes, the dialogues here are absolute mediocrity. Especially depressing the constant sighs and panic attacks Cassie, and the creators did not like their own work, that they allow before commencing the passage to disable the monologues of the heroine and leave only important for the plot replicas. The option, of course, is commendable and for sure someone will come in handy, but adding it to the story "walking simulator" (even if it is trying to seem like a horror for some reason) is a paradoxical solution.

It's funny that, despite all the many shortcomings of Perception , the developers at Kickstarter have kept their promises. An abandoned house - there are haunting ghosts - there is, using its "extraordinary rumor" heroine - is present. But how much this will be connected with each other, few people thought. And it's very difficult to understand what the developers wanted to say with this project. If other authors come up with fascinating stories and make heroes memorable (even if they are mentioned only in scraps), here the creators tried to keep up with ten rabbits and nothing really could show. No history here, no characters, no horror, no atmosphere - only inappropriate mechanics, because of which the game seems to be something more than it really is. But in reality it is empty and stupid.

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