What was your experience at Princeton University?


Daisy Rowley, Princeton, New Jersey

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The town of Princeton, New Jersey is a beautiful, relatively quiet locale that is very much shaped by the university. The campus is small, Public Safety has a fairly large presence (although they are not really out to get students), and there are buses, but a bike is all you need to get around, if that.

Anonymous, good

I didnt had any experience in Princeton University but I had heard a lot about this university. It is the best place to build the good career to the students. Most of the coursed are available in this university and we can see many students from different place coming to join in this university. how to turn printer online

Anonymous, Fallout Shelter Cheats

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Jack William, University

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Princeton University have some good criteria for learning.My experience are there also good because I adopt new skills from there.The australianwritings assignment writing share latest news about university you get from here.

Anonymous, Alumni

Incredible range of talent in both the faculty and students. Switched majors from engineering to economics and architecture, and found world-class resources in all of them.

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