What was your experience like at SUNY Purchase?


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There are a few online review sites which gather information on student experiences. These are especially helpful when it's hard to get in touch with alumni and currently enrolled students.

Here are some reviews of this school, as well as some links to sites where you can read more statements from alumni and students. These reviews should help paint a picture of what going to this school might be like.

"The school is like most schools - with good, bad and indifferent fellow students and professors. So seek out good fellow students to be friends with and those professors who really love to teach and learn. I come from a small town where one cannot be himself but here you can be just about anything. I sometimes cross dress and it is not a big deal at all. A number of my friends, in different ways, felt liberated when coming here." (Read more reviews on StudentsReview.com.)

"I chose Purchase because of its location, size and outstanding film program. Purchase is located 30-45 minutes from NYC by train. This makes it easy for students to utilize the city without having to live in it. Having NYC so close also allows Purchase to hire expert professors who are still working professionals in their chosen fields." (Read more reviews on Unigo.com.)

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