Can you tell me more about the kinds of student discounts Brandeis students can take advantage of?


Jack William, House

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If you are living in this type of house then you need to change the house quickly. The UKSBA give you another idea that you can eat from outside of the house. It is the better option for you.

Selena Livas, Brandeis Noodle Brand Ambassador

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Most students don’t know about how many discounts are available just for being a Brandeis student. We’re lucky enough to be just a quick shuttle or T ride away from Boston. This means that we can get discounted tickets for museums, the aquarium, and shows. Museums and different venues also hold special nights and events for college students because they have so many in the area. There are also several discounts available for local clothing outlets, and an office supply store. Brandeis students can also get discounted tickets for the Boston Duck Boat Tours!

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