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How integrated is the Catholic faith into education?


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The Catholic affiliation of this school significantly affects its students' academic experiences. On the Academics page of the school's website, they write the following:

"Clarke University is recognized for providing a high level, challenging academic experience. We pride ourselves on being a Catholic, liberal arts, university."

The Religious Studies department is explicitly grounded in the Catholic tradition. Their mission statement is as follows:

"The Religious Studies program at Clarke University prepares students to explore the spiritual dimensions of human existence and think critically about the connections between faith and life in our world today. This spiritual search for meaning, grounded in the teachings of the Catholic tradition, investigates Christian theology and concepts of God, relates an understanding of contemporary biblical scholarship and Christian faith, and explores the ethical and social responsibilities of Christians living in a global community. Students learn how theological inquiry, discernment and other spiritual practices are foundational to exercising personal leadership, ministry, and living out one’s own vocation. Students come to see that their life and actions stand as a continual witness to shape a more just and peaceful world."

Finally, in the 2014-2015 student handbook, they state that students at Clarke University who successfully complete the general education core will demonstrate "an ability to engage in a process of spiritual growth in a dialogue which includes the Catholic tradition."

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