I am trying to locate Mr. Kevin Jones, Fashion Historian re a program on Jews in the American Fashion/Garment Industry. Is he available to consult with us re this? Donna Mendelsohn Chair Jewish Historical Society of Napa Valley donna@dmendee.com or info@jhsnv.org See www.jhsnv.org


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Hello there! Here are some links you can use to get in contact with Kevin Jones:

Kevin Jones- Linkedin Profile

The Ebell of Los Angels had an event with Kevin Jones. Try contacting them via Facebook to see if you can fet some contact information through them.

Kevin was also a curator for the FIDM Museum and Galleries. You can contact their Curator Office for his contact info: 213.623.5821.

You can also contact FIDM - Los Angeles and ask for Kevin Jones' contact information at this phone number: 800-624-1200.

Hope you can get in contact with him!

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