I am going to live in a dorm room with no kitchen. What would you recommend I have on my dorm room checklist?


Nolan, House

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If you are living in this type of house then you need to change the house quickly. The best essay service au give you another idea that you can eat from outside of the house. It is the better option for you.

Selena Livas, Brandeis Noodle Brand Ambassador

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While not all of the halls have kitchens, there is always one close by that does. If you’re really into cooking I would recommend bringing a good baking pan, skillet, mixing bowl, and different utensils. Realistically, no one has a ton of time to cook. A mini fridge and microwave are essential. There are a ton of specialty items you can buy, like things to cook bacon, steam vegetables, or make waffles. However, unless you know you eat a ton of that one item, I wouldn’t recommend buying them, as they will just take up space. No matter what, having cups, some utensils, and a bowl and plate is helpful (disposable versions work too, they're just less "green"). I have also found that having a good paring knife is quite useful. Don’t forget about storing food! Bring Tupperware, or plastic wrap/ tin foil, or both.

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