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Can you name top restaurants near Marist ?


Erika Thompson, Student

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a. Soul Dog - has hotdogs and other comfort foods for a low price! Also offers gluten-free options. b. Mole Mole - authentic Mexican food. c. Twisted Soul - Asian/Argentinian/Columbian food for a low price! Also has great cupcakes. d. Baby Cakes - serves brunch and dinner. Has great comfort foods and a great drinks menu. e. Rossi’s - Italian sandwich shop. f. The Culinary Institute - students prepare dishes as preparation and practice for the real world. Check out the Apple Pie Bakery! g. Billy Bob’s - barbeque/ comfort food. h. Cosimo’s - authentic Italian food. i. Formosa - has great bubble tea and sushi. j. Osho - hibachi.

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