What sort of schedule can be expected while attending MBA classes part time at George Washington University?


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George Washington University’s part-time MBA program, the Professional MBA, offers a broad range of schedule options to help students accommodate the demands of full-time work and other commitments. Most classes are scheduled for weeknights during the spring, summer and fall semesters, with some electives available on weekends as well. Occasionally, students have the opportunity to take classes in an intensive weekend format or even earn credits abroad in a 1-3 week international travel opportunity. Students can set their own schedules, so there are never any surprises regarding the time commitment involved.

In addition to this semester-by-semester flexibility, the Professional MBA offers plenty of flexibility in terms of total completion time. Depending on the course load, students can finish the program in a minimum of two years and a maximum of five. With electives available in 12 different concentrations, students can also customize their academic programs as they work toward the MBA.

In short, George Washington gives students plenty of control over the pace, timing and content of their part-time MBA programs.

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