Do they have a major in cardiology?


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Harvard does not offer an undergrad major in Cardiology, but the medical school does extensive research in the field. Earning an MD here (after an undergraduate degree) can give you extensive experience in the field!

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General medical education covers a wide variety of subjects. Student doctors do "rotations" in many specialty areas, and they choose areas of concentration or specialty later in their careers.

Apparently, cardiology is seen as a sub-specialty of internal medicine, thus an individual interested in cardiology will do a medical residency in internal medicine following the completion of medical school, and then seek out fellowships in cardiology. There are also sub-specialties of cardiology from which to choose.

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Cardiologists are medical doctors who specialize in heart and blood vessel disease. They help patients prevent diseases as well as diagnose and treat those who already have them. Aspiring cardiologists need to obtain their bachelor's degree and then enroll in a medical school program. After graduating from medical school, they complete several years of internal medicine and cardiology training in a residency program like thesis writing service

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