How much of your B.S. in Education can you do on-line? Are there any courses that can be taken in the Orlando area?


Anthony Pinto, Associate Director of Admissions

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Unfortunately we do not offer an online BS in Education, everything will need to be done on campus.

Anna Shetty, Your articles are really amazing

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Your articles are really amazing and I got a lot of information and guidance reading them.
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Taisia Volohova, Studying at the university is not a game

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Doing horror movies on Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Howard Phillips Lovecraft) - this, as they say, and a gift, and a curse. On the one hand, everything seems to have been invented for you and before you, there are stories, characters, motives and an army of fans of his work. On the other hand, you need to resist the temptation to fill the game with cheap "screamers" and, conversely, to do everything in a relaxed, atmospheric, intelligent, Lovecraft way - otherwise this same army of fans will send you out on a date with Cthulhu. Studio Zoetrope Interactive copes with this exam for the third time - after the dilogy Darkness Within, she released her new horror for Lovecraft , Conarium .

However, strictly speaking, Conarium is a game not according to Lovecraft , but in the spirit of his creativity, namely the book "Ridges of Madness". The intersections with it are obvious, but on the whole the authors tell the original story. The action also takes place at a research station in the Antarctic, which is located almost at the South Pole. We play for one of the scientists, Frank Gilman, who wakes up and finds himself all alone - all the colleagues have disappeared somewhere, and he really does not remember anything.

Finding various records, we gradually understand that some experiments were conducted at the station, during which scientists were immersed in hypnotic sleep with the help of strange devices and substances. So they wanted to join the secrets and knowledge of the ancient alien race of the Startseats, whose caves are just under the station. There members of the expedition discover strange devices, wall inscriptions, stones with runes, unknown plants blocking the passage to certain areas, as well as sarcophagi with mummies of reptilian creatures that replaced the Elders.

And Frank, and we together with him, senses that there is someone here or something else - strange, dangerous, incomprehensible and therefore even more terrible ...

This, however, does not mean that we will have to constantly run away and hide from some monsters and shy away from the "screamers". Such situations, of course, arise, but very dosed - the authors rely on a thoughtful study of locations and gradually increasing tension.

We find and study all sorts of documents, listen to audio recordings, periodically try to connect with the others, see the events of the past and fail either in memories or in a dream - the line between the present and the past is gradually being erased, and it's already unclear where there is a dream, hallucinations , and where reality.

The transition between different states of consciousness in the Conarium is made very accurately and subtly. Here we see a flower and a cat sitting next to it, the shadow of which falls on the wall, but now the flower suddenly begins to grow in front of the eyes, embracing the whole room with tentacles-petals, and the cat's head acquires a strange shape, increases, distorts, it turns ... Br. In this situation it scares much more spectacular than any other "bu" - it looks really crazy, in Lovecraft.

The worst thing is not even when sometimes strange shadows flash before your eyes or you have to run away from something horrible, rolling on you with primitive horror, and when in the very end we understand what the experiments of scientists have led to, what price they paid for trying to touch What a person should not touch. The logic of the narrative suggested that it would come to this, but still, when you first see the consequences of these experiments and understand what really happened to Frank and his colleagues, it makes a very strong impression ...

Compared to the Darkness Within , the Conarium has less complex online games, abstract puzzles. At first everything seems to be primitive at all - to find the key, to pour gasoline into the generator and to start it, knock out the door after several blows, pick up the object and use it in the right place.

Then still have to destroy the stone overlap with an ax and charge the special crystals with energy so that they help clean the plants that block the path. At some point, you even have to sit at the helm of the underwater vehicle and swim under the water in a few arcade style, trying not to crash into anything - the device has only three "lives."

Of course, periodically there are more traditional puzzles, when we need, for example, to correctly adjust the radio waves or in the necessary sequence to place coins with symbols on a stone pedestal. But there is nothing particularly difficult - the tip is always found somewhere near or in Frank's diary, where he carefully records and sketches all the notes and documents found.

This does not mean that the game has turned into something easy and sometimes even arcade. Simply the authors this time decided to focus on a coherent, coherent story, distracting from which by some tricky puzzles it would be too dangerous for a carefully constructed atmosphere.

Conarium - this, in fact, the game "for their own", for loyal fans of the work of Lovecraft , who will find here a lot of references to their favorite works. The authors do not try to make any kind of revolution in the genre and frighten the player to death, and instead they tell a very fascinating, intense and atmospheric story. It's a pity, very short.

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